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Hermitage Elementary's School-Wide Behavior Plan
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Our classroom behavior plan consists of rules that students can understand, consequences when rules are broken, and rewards when rules are followed.

If a student has chosen to break a rule or not follow through on an expectation, this will be recorded on the Daily Behavior Sheet. The students will record their own behavior if it is a crown. I will fill out the behavior for students that  were off task, disruptive, etc.

crownsI do most of my disciplining through passing out/taking away tickets. (See ticket store below) Thus, if a student gets to a 3, 2, or 1, by the end of the day, it is time for a “talk”. If your child receives a sad face or unhappy face, please be aware that he/she has chosen to misbehave, and that I REALLY need your support at home. Please follow through by taking away some type of home privilege.

Every day is a new day with our Behavior Plan. Each day your child will start fresh. It is always my goal to continuously focus on the positive side. Please help me in my efforts to create a positive classroom environment free from the types of distractions that detract from the learning process. Thanks!

Please check the FRONT of your child's Homework Folder for the behavior sheet each day, and then initial below.
Mini Behavor Chart

As a part of our behavior plan, students are given tickets as a reward for good behavior and accomplishments throughout the day. Tickets are also taken away when students do not make good choices, do not follow directions, do not do homework, etc.

What is the Ticket Store?:
Several times throughout the year, students will be invited to participate in our Class Ticket Store. Purchasing items for the store can get very expensive, that’s why I’m asking for your help.  

What can you donate for the Ticket Store?
Basically, any inexpensive item that your child would love. You can purchase these items at the Dollar Tree, Dollar Store, and Family Dollar, Target, etc. Items I’ve purchased in the past include, kites, hula hoops, jump ropes, flash cards, diaries, nerf balls, basketball and hoop sets, puzzles, cool pencils, colored pencil sets, glitter crayons, bubble wands/bubble sets, etc.

When can you donate?
Anytime throughout the year would be great!!!

As always, I appreciate your generosity. I couldn’t do it without your support!

Whole Brain Teaching in our Classroom
The students ABSOLUTELY love the gestures, chants . . . everything!

I've been using Whole Brain, formerly known as Power Teaching, for many years now. Whole Brain techniques, along with Quantum Learning, have completely changed how I teach and manage my classroom. Student engagement has increased and behavior issues have dramatically decreased. I rarely have to mark behavior charts.  Be sure to check out Whole Brain Teaching. Also, check out Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers for many free resources. Once you try these techniques, you will NEVER go back to regular teaching. Take it slow when you begin, just start out with the basics like Micro-lecture, Class/Yes, Teach/Okay, It's Cool, Gestures, etc. You will find detailed etexts to get you started on the site. I still haven't incorporated all of the ideas from Whole Brain teaching!

Here is the video I watched that started it all. Just try to watch it without cracking up laughing and trying out the gestures.

Quantum Learning in our Classroom
Today Became Great When You Arrived Poster

Keys to Success

Great Day Pledge
8 Keys of Excellence Quantum Learning Blog
Teacher Tube Quantum Learning Environment
YouTube QuantumLearning's Channel - Videos on Keys of Excellence Note this is an outside link to YouTube. Students do not visit this site without parental supervision and guidance.
Teaching with Songs and Poems - Music links to enliven your Quantum Classroom Environment.

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Posters of Classroom Rules

Posters of Classroom Rules
We act these out at the beginning of the year in order to internalize them. We practice, practice, practice until they memorize the number, the rule and the gestures. The idea being that if I'm teaching, I can look at the class and say rule 1 or wave 1 finger in the air. They know exactly what I expect without me having to stop the lesson and say, "Please remember to raise your hand before speaking." This is another Whole Brain Teaching technique.

Rule 1 - Part 1
Rule 1 - Part 2
Rule 2
Rule 3
Rule 4
Rule 5

I haven't started using the WBT rules yet, but am toying with using some for next year. I like most of the WBT rules, but I think my rules 3 and 4 are important. For example, just before we enter the building from recess, I wave 4 fingers in the air as do they, and we chant rule 4. It calms them and gets them in a nice line ready to enter the building. I do the same with rule 3 if it gets a bit noisy during independent, paired or group activities. (They say it in a whisper voice.)

Here is an example of cute WBT rules: from Third Grade Teaching Thoughts. There are lots of great WBT resources on her site as well.

Behavior Plan Note for Parents
Daily Behavior Chart

Old Behavior Plan

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